This is my website to show and share different types of Native historical artifacts pow wow items to all races that wants to own a piece or several styles of native art and would like to own a piece of history in their life to pass down though their family lines.

Native Design will provide all types of Native art. I am offering my time and creativity to show what my gift from the creator and mother earth and father sun have given me to not be cheap. I would like to share with others the history and knowledge about preserving these items in a traditional fashion. Smudging, handling with care and respecting the item will help ensure that it is preserved.

If you are interested in preserving Native Culture, in the old traditional ways, then I can show you how. I don’t mind answering questions or concerns with my customers because I believe it’s good to make an informed decision about their purchases. I also enjoy good conversations about Native Heritage.

My team is just me: Warren J Houle and I make Regalia’s, chokers, chest plates, shields, cuffs, roaches, fans, moccasins, mukluks and spears, knives, tomahawks but with a selections of steel, rock or antlers.

All my items are from Mother Earth with what she provides i don’t shoot or pay anyone to shoot for me i get my features from what nature provides for me and its time to make a certain item it well show up the supplies and ill design it how the customer specifies the style of hers or him peace of item.

Shield, 2 Bladed digger

Aboriginal shield with two Digger blade in face with Elk handle and tips with Elk handle with Elk hide with Minx pelt, Feathers and Ribbons hanging down and with wood circle hoop.

Carefully Crafted Aboriginal rock tomahawk, leather wrap handle with hawk features with a red tail deer antler on the top with carve rock, and wolf fur wrap around it.

Custom beaded wrist bands, was given the orange ones from my fathers side of the family that came from my fathers great uncle and the white ones where a trade at Ebb and Flow Powwow one year, just telling the truth i don’t take peoples work but tell the story’s of certain items and if these kind of items you wish to purchase just let me know the design by numbers.

WELCOME to my website, tell you a piece of my knowledge is that i believe that The Great-Circle-of-Life of Unity will all things in the Universe, including the Great Spirit, Our Creator, about which all life revolves.

We are all equal in the Circle, no one is in front of you and no one is behind you, no one is above of you and no one is below you. We are all related through the Circle of Life. Hope it well show you all types of items you can own on your own and even i’ll tell and teach you how to take care and smudge and maintain your purchase and i charge $16.00 dollars an hour and do ask for half payments for which ever item you like, reason is, so i always have supplies and inventory so the item  doesn’t take so long, and also because each item made for the customers style, personalty, character, features, and colors to there choice.



1/4 BLACK, WHITE, RED, WHITE, inch beads (1000 per bag), CA$24.95, DIFFERENT COLOR UNIQUE COLOR BEADS LIKE ink, purple, yellow orange all different color of blues and greens, CA$6.95

ASSORT DIFFERENT COLORS Like Yellow, Pink, Purple, Different colors of Blue 100 per bag CA$6.95.

JINGLE CONES (1000 Pieces) CA$35.00-CA$40.00. 2 types of sizes.

Red, White, Blue, Black LEATHER CA$50.00 By (6 Feet by 2 Feet).   LEATHER LACE, CA$13.95 10 Meters.

RABBIT PELT Different sizes and colors, CA$15.95-CA$17.95.

CHEST PLATE BONES 4 inch (100 per bag), CA$35.95…   3 inch (100 per bag) CA$27.95… 2 inch (100 per bag) CA$25.95.

SMALLER LITTLE BEADS Cut Glass Beads, CA$4.85, and CROW BEADS CA$1.50 TO CA$10.95.

STEEL FORGING Depends on the size of steel the prices are CA$50.00, CA$60.00, CA$70.00, CA$80.00, CA$90.00, CA$100.00 ON THE SIZES OR THICKNESS ON ITEM.

MARABOU FEATHERS (5 Feathers Per bag), CA$1.75…   MARABOU FEATHERS COLOR TIP (5 per bag), 2.25…   GOOSE FEATHERS, (5 Per bag), 1.75.

22″ Adult Roach CA$650.00…

I can work closely with you to tailor a creation for your needs. Please contact me today to find out what we can make together.