I’m here to provide real custom historical native style of artifacts that i assure that well be with your family for generations to generations.

I am proud Canadian with American distant genes, with a touch from the UK region. I was 15 when I started making items and have been making them ever since. Over the years I learned from my elders how to preserve and keep the history in tack and I’m proud and honour to create these superb items for my customers where they well live on in the Pow wow circle.

I also make items for customers to collect and give them a great home to protect and stay with until handed down.

I was born and raised up until 4 in Brandon Manitoba and moved to a little town in Alberta at 1990. I lived there for 7 years and moved back to my home town and at that time i didn’t know I was native until I moved back from a place in Alberta in 1997. Then I met my family and found out we had a strong historical native culture that I love to be part of the great vibes of knowledge that most of my great grandparents live to be 115 and 103 and we where medicine keepers that i started to learn at a young  age of 14 and my knowledge grew as i did, and started to collecting medicine that i had learn from my great uncles and aunties of there stories of the old ones that’s how they would tell me about them no names just the respect by calling them the old ones, because it was the old ways they where living, but know I’m 33 years of age and still practice the arts of sacred medicine that i was shown by my greats uncles and aunties and i’m proud to be a dancer for 18 years now and still fix family’s and friends Regalia’s if a feature is broken ill mend and heal it with medicine or if there regalia needs sowing ill sow it or there powwow weapons fell apart ill treat it and preserve the style and not change a thing out of respect to the designer style.

Please check out some of the items I have made. Contact me to find out what I can make for you.